Sunday, June 12, 2011

Squaw Peak 50 Report

I toed the line.
Saturday June 4th I toed the line for my 7th Squaw Peak 50. What a course. Due to snow on 25 miles of the original course, John Bozong had to alter the course. I thought is would be so much more run able. Was I wrong. The trail diverted off the rock canyon road after climbing to peak 8000 and went down to the Rock Canyon trail head. Then another 9 miles on the Bonneville Shoreline trail. This was a constant up and down. At about mile 20 it went up Spring Creek canyon about Springville. Some parts of the trail were run able, some were outrageous to hike.

I got sick after mile 6. 44 miles of hot, nausea and dizziness. At 5hours and 10 minutes on the trail the the leader Eric Storheim passes me on the out and back. About 12 miles ahead of me after 5 hours. Even though I was sick my legs still felt fresh.

I had a pacer that was going to meet me at Rock Canyon on the way back for the last 12 miles. I don't feel I need a pace for a 50 milers but Bryce was interested. I called him before the Y trail head and said don't bother showing up as I was sick and it would be a walk a thon.

Bryce was there and off we went. Slow going up Rock Canyon back up to Peak 8000. But got a little jogging in on the way down. By the time I hit the Smith ditch and the Provo Canyon Trail I had a serious bought of Vertigo. The world was spinning in several directions. I just tried staying in the middle of the two Vortex's and stay on the yellow line of the pavement.

Just before 16 hours I crossed the line for my 7th finish.

Cotton my son was there to get me cleaned up, a nice blanket to keep me warm and drove me home.

Only took a night before I started thinking of the next race.

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